Why You Should Rent a Dumpster When Preparing a New Lawn

When your yard has become overgrown with weeds and unplanned vegetation, you can update its look by replacing its weeds with trees, shrubbery, plants, and a lawn. With the right tools and equipment, like a dumpster rental, you can improve your yard with a new lawn.

Use a Dumpster for Disposal

If your yard already has some lawn growth or the wrong kind of growth--like weeds and crab grass--you will want to remove it from your yard to give your new lawn the best chance of becoming established. Then, once your lawn is healthy and growing, it will be easier to choke out any new weed growth.

Scrape the top of the soil with a Bobcat to remove the top layer of weed growth and any weed seeds that are dormant in the soil and have not sprouted yet. Remove this soil and place it into a rented dumpster or other disposal container. Most dumpster rentals have a side access door to provide easy access for your mini excavator; or, if you are using a wheel barrow, you can walk it into the dumpster and dump it onto your growing pile of weed-filled soil.

Weed-filled topsoil is something your local dumpster rental and disposal company will take. This also provides you with a chance to eliminate other refuse in your yard during your yard improvement project. Call them for pick-up once the dumpster is full or you are finished using it.

Prepare the Site

Now that all the old soil is out of the way in the dumpster, you will need to replace it with screened topsoil. You can order as much topsoil as you need from a local landscaping company. They will deliver screened topsoil that is void of trash, weeds, and rocks to your yard where they, or you, can spread it evenly over your yard.

Sprinklers are an important part of growing and maintaining your lawn. If you plan to install in-ground automatic sprinklers, it is beneficial to install them prior to laying your lawn seed or sod. Plan and install a sprinkler system or hire your landscaper to complete this step.

Now you can install your lawn seeds or sod. If you lay loose seed, use a rake to loosen the soil around the seeds and improve seed germination. You can also use hydro-seed application or buy pre-grown sod to lay on your yard for instant gratification. If you have any pre-grown sod left over, you can simply cut it up or roll it up before placing it in your dumpster.

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