Adding Solar Panels To Your Boat

Most modern boats are equipped with a variety of electrical devices. Providing all of these devices with power can put a strain on your generator system while also increasing your fuel costs. One way to address this challenge is to utilize solar panels as a power source for these devices.

Consider The Benefits Of Flexible And Portable Solar Panels

When you are considering the various solar power systems that are available, it can be important to understand the benefits of flexible solar panels for boats. These panels can easily be deployed to areas of the boat that you are not currently using. Furthermore, they can quickly be secured in the event that the weather turns bad. This can greatly reduce the risk of the panels being damaged by the high winds or extremely large hail that can accompany severe storms.

Ensure The Panels Are Compatible With Your Boat's Electrical System

Prior to investing your money in a set of solar panels, it is vital to ensure that the entire system is compatible with your boat. This will include the batteries that are needed to store the solar power that is generated by these panels. Choosing a system that is not compatible with your boat can cause extensive damage to its electrical system. In extreme cases, this can even result in an electrical fire starting. This information is usually in the owner's manual, and if you are unable to review this manual, most boat repair and maintenance services will be able to provide you with this information after reviewing your boat's systems.

Clean The Panels On A Regular Basis

Salt, algae and other substances can gather on the panels as a result of the water spraying onto them while the boat is in motion. Over time, these substances can impair the panels' ability to absorb sunlight, which can directly result in a decrease in electrical output. Every week or two, these panels should be wiped clean to remove any of these substances. When cleaning the solar panels, use the softest cloth available to you to avoid scratching these panels.

Test The Batteries Periodically

The batteries are a vital component of the solar system. Unfortunately, they will degrade over time, which can drastically reduce the amount of energy that they can store. Periodically testing the batteries will let you know when they have degraded enough to warrant replacement. Failing to change the batteries can be particularly hazardous to those that operate their boat at night as they may find themselves unexpectedly short on power.

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