Common Sewage And Septic Issues The Result In A Toilet Backup

If you experience frequent toilet backups in your home, then you may be concerned about this issue. While some problems may be caused by the flushing of too much or inappropriate wastes, this is not always the problem. There is often something else going on, so keep reading to learn about a few common issues and how they may be resolved.

Clogged Roof Vent

The vast majority of homes will have roof vents that connect to their sewage systems. The vents supply the sewage system with air so that a vacuum does not develop. A vacuum can result in sluggish and even stopped drainage that can lead to a backup. This is likely your concern if you notice a "glugging" or gurgling sound when the toilet is flushed. A foul odor coming from the toilet may also be an indication, as well as some air bubbles coming from the toilet once it does flush. 

Clogged vents can be fixed fairly easily with a flushing. You will need to use your hose for this and you must access the vent by getting up onto your roof. Spray the hose down into the vent for about five minutes. If water does not flush down into the pipe, then there is a chance that a large clog made up of leaves or a small rodent may be an issue. A plumbing professional should be contacted to release the material or materials causing the issue. 

Of course, a plumber is also your best option if you are uncomfortable getting on your roof to clear the vent. 

Drainage Field Problem

The simplest answer to a backed up toilet may be that the septic tank is full. If it has been emptied recently, then a poor drainage field may be what is causing the backup. Simply put, if fluid is not releasing quickly enough from the septic tank, it may be filling with water. The fluid may have nowhere to go and the fluid, and some of the solid matter, may be coming back into your home. 

If you notice some backup issues when you use a great deal of water, like when using your dishwasher or clothes washer, then your drainage field should be investigated. Your plumber or septic professional can help you with this. The problem may be as simple as the need for a quick clean-out, or a brand new drainage field may be required. Thankfully, even if you do need a new drainage field, the professional can give you tips on reducing your water usage to prevent backups until the job can be completed, so you can still use the sewage system inside your home.

If you are experiencing toilet backup issues, contact a local septic company in your area, such as Rob's Septic Tanks Inc, to find out your options. 

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