Safely Cleaning A Restaurant After Grease Trap Removal

Grease removal is one of the chores that will have to go on at a restaurant, whether fast food or sit down. High volume kitchens have grease traps where the grease will flow under the trap. When the removal of the grease happens, the grease removal company will have to come in with a suction machine in order to extract the grease from the trap. Once this takes place, the trap will be clear for new grease to fall in. However, it is important the cleanup takes place immediately after the grease trap removal. Here are three things that must happen to clean a restaurant after the grease is removed. 

Open windows and provide proper ventilation 

The process of running the machine used to suction out grease can cause the restaurant's temperature to rise. Coupled with the ovens and fryers in the kitchen, the temperature can easily raise several degrees rapidly. When the machines are still running or soon after, you should open the windows and turn on fans inside of the kitchen. Turning on fans and opening the windows and doors will improve the air circulation to allow the kitchen to cool down. It will also make it easier for the smell of the machine to dissipate. 

Wash down the floors with soap

It is common for some grease to find its way out of the trap and on the floors when the grease is being extracted from the trap. After the removal, it may be unsafe for your staff to walk as slipping will become an extreme hazard. Right after the machine leaves from the grease removal, apply appropriate soap to the floors and have them washed down by your maintenance staff. The staff will need to wear shoes with grip in order to get this done effectively. Mop once with soap and hosing down the floors, then mop a second time with the regular materials your restaurant would use. 

Clean under all surfaces

Grease can begin to degrade certain surfaces, including tables and chairs. After the removal has been done and the floors have been hosed down, the staff will need to clean under all surfaces. Clean under the bottoms of the tables, table and chair legs, and underneath all equipment. This will make sure that the grease that may have splattered does not sit under any of the equipment and cause rusting issues or grime issues at a later date. 

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Grease removal is one of the chores that will have to go on at a restaurant, whether fast food or sit down. High volume kitchens have grease traps whe